Book and CD


Thank you to you and your team for putting together this excellent compilation of stories and songs. I will be sending the set out west to my uncle Howard (Bill) McAinish who served in Korea. I'm certain that he will enjoy the set.

- Jill Martin, Ottawa

Very good CD. Need one more for friend.

- P.A. Lanteigne, Toronto


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The war-time songs certainly brought back many memories.

- Renee Morrison, Wasaga, Ontario

I am impressed by the vivid and detailed account (in the book). Thank you for sharing the book and the wonderful CD with me, as well as for your continued support for our men and women in uniform.

What a great piece of work! Many thanks!

- General W.J. Natynczyk, Chief of the Defence Staff

Hi Terry

I have been telling others about how well done your CD is and realized that I have neglected to tell YOU! I bought the CD to support you and to share with my parents because they are musicians and my father was in the US Navy in Korea.

I bought myself a copy and listened to the CD while preparing dinner and found myself drawn into the stories and the songs. It took extra long to make supper that night.

I am familiar with most of the songs, though the Canadian versions are different than the ones my parents sang when I was a child. Many of them brought a smile and a chuckle. Others made me cry.

It's beautifully done. The music mix and production is great! Phil did a fabulous job of making it all sound wonderful: nothing missing and nothing overdone, either of which might be distracting. Excellent recording as well.

I really enjoyed Phil's composition for the poem. And Brenda's singing was very moving. These two, and the other musicians made the CD a great mix.

Thank you for your vision, Terry. And thank you for taking this project to this point. I am very happy to be able to say how much I enjoy not just the music but the whole idea!

- Jeanne Lambert, Oxford Mills, ON