Betrayal: Canadian Soldiers Hong Kong 1941

Betrayal: Canadian Soldiers Hong Kong 1941


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Betrayal of Canadian soldiers in Hong Kong

Canadian soldiers deployed to Hong Kong were betrayed twice. The first time by the Canadian government, the second time by the British commanders in Hong Kong who blamed the Canadians for a sub-standard performance.

The purpose of this book was to examine both accusations and try to determine the truth of the battle of Hong Kong. The Canadian Royal Commission of one cleared the general who sent Canadians to their doom and exonerated him without his having to appear before the commission. The government said it was unable to find out about the precarious position of Hong Kong because the British wouldn’t share secret information.

The troops, the Winnipeg Grenadiers and Royal Rifles of Canada, had 267 killed in action over 17 days. Two hundred and ninety-two died in POW camps. Hong Kong became one of the most horrific battles in World War 11.

Chief Justice Lyman Duff, the only member of a Royal Commission, justified the decision of the government by saying Canada ought to share responsibility for garrisoning the Pacific. Nothing was said about lack of due diligence.

For this book, the battle and the preparations for the battle were examined by three Canadian soldiers. A general examined the British tactics in Hong Kong, a colonel the artillery and intelligence ability, and a major assessed the troops’ performance at Hong Kong. Among other things, they found the Canadians bore much of the burden for the defence of the Island of Hong Kong. Both the Grenadiers and the Royal Rifles mounted more platoon and company level attacks each than all the other countries infantry combined. The only Victoria Cross was awarded to a Canadian.

Love Is The Song

Love Is The Song

By: Jo-Anne Pulfer.

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Woman parachutist publishes poems of love Jo-Anne Pulfer has never fitted a stereotype. She became the fourth woman in the Canadian military to qualify as a parachutist and served in both Bosnia and Afghanistan. In 2009, after she left the air force and her two children were grown, she returned to her childhood love of language and wrote her first book, Love is the Song. The poems focus on love, light, truth and the beauty and mystery in nature. One of her poems describes a view from a helicopter over Afghanistan.

“Love touches everything,” she says, “just as the sunlight touches grass, trees and earth. There is a place for poems that lovers of poetry understand, a place that cannot be touched by human hands.”

The book is divided into “Poems of love” followed by “Poems of nature” and “Reflections”. The final section consists of Haiku. The sketches on the cover and inside have been drawn by an accomplished local artist, Henriette Savage.

Jo-Anne lives in Kemptville.

The Last Front

The Last Front
A people’s history of Mallorytown and Front of Yonge Township

By: David and Sandra Wells.

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A Large and Splendid Fleet

A Large and Splendid Fleet

The Story of the Canadian Government Merchant Marine

By: Charles Coffin

Includes profiles of 63 ships.

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The Canadian Infantry Solider in Korea & The Songs He Sang

The Canadian Infantry Solider in Korea & The Songs He Sang

This book is a companion piece to the CD “Songs of the Combat Solider”.
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Recollections of Korea

Recollections of Korea

By: Lt. Col E.H. MC CD

Focus on 7 platoon in the Battle Hill 187.

Price: $12.00 (Includes tax). 52 pages.

Fact, Folklore and Fiction: The History Of Mallorytown

By: David J. Wells

An entertaining and comprehensive history of the village and its origins.

Price: $20.00 (Includes tax). 133 pages.

A Most Wonderful Life

The stories of a pioneering farmer in eastern Ontario.

Price: $16.00

Riding The Waves

From boy seaman to naval officer: Contains sections on Camp X and commando raids on coastal installations in France. Writer escaped from Gestapo.

Price: $16.00

Truths, Half Truths and Damn Lies

Anecdotes and stories of fishermen and boat builders on the St. Lawrence between Kingston and Brockville.

Price: $15.00

Wounded on Sami'ch'on

By: Tony Pennacchietti

Personal story of Korea

Price: $8.00

A Night Out With The Boys

By: Wally Kasper

Stories and poems about Bomber Command in World War 11 and the Cold War by a pilot. Includes two Canadian spy stories from the Cold War

Price: $19.95, 162 pages

The Invasion Diaries

By: Fred Turnbull

is a personal and historic account of the invasion of Sicily, Normandy, Southern France and the Liberation of Greece. Turnbull was a bowman on a Landing Craft Assault and kept a secret diary.

Price: $14.95, 114 pages

Community Leadership - Leadership Skills that matter

By: Terry Meagher and Basil Wren

Aimed at post secondary students, the book shows how to lead both informal and formal meetings as well as speak in public

Price: $8.95, 60 pp (Comes with a CD)

Scotia People: Tales From the Strait

By: Pat Meagher

Mostly railway stories covering the age of steam and focussing on the New Glasgow subdivision especially on the Strait of Canso and the towns of Mulgrave and Point Tupper. See sample story "The Black Hobo."

Price: $11.95

"Perhaps I love you more"

By: Patrick Meagher

Anecdotes from the life from Pope John Paul II.

Written for young people. Discount for religious groups. See Sample.

Price: $14.95

Fourth R, Reasoning

By: Terry Meagher and Joseph Meagher

Used as book for critical thinking and the principles of persuasion in community colleges.

See Sample Below

Price: $10.00

An Old Codger's Favourite poems

Complied By: Bob Usher

Price: $19.95 (No GST)

The Family Ghost

By: Ken Dugdale

A true story that reads like an action movie. A young pilot who bails out over Holland and hides from Germans until he is taken in by a Dutch family. Follow his escape from Nazi occupied Holland.

Price: $15.00 (No GST)

Once a Gunner

By: Col. Eric W. Cormack

Recollections of a first world war artillery soldier. Invaluable historical material.

Price: $14.95 (No GST)

Road to Freedom

by Hank Staal

Stories of a young man in the Dutch underground who later fought for the Dutch in the Dutch East Indies and later came to Canada.

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Hong Kong Recollections of a British Prisoner of War

By: E.R. "Bill" Wiseman

This is the story of the Battle of Hong Kong and the years of imprisonment on the island.

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Legion History

70 Year History of the Kemptville Legion.

Price: $15.00 (No GST)

A Gunner's Story Through Falaise to Nijmegen

By: By Wallace Naisbitt

The story of a young Ontario boy who joined the 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment and went ashore in Normandy shortly after the invasion. He took part in one of the biggest battles in Western Europe, The Falaise Gap.

Price:$15.00 96 pages